Wonderful Chilika

The guests to the natural lake of Chilika find that inside the waters, there lie great natural spots, which are superb with their natural charms. Scenic to the core of their beings, the natural spots bind the guests with the unique splendor that is simply indescribable, Kalijai Island, honeymoon Island, breakfast Island, Nalabana Island, Parikud Island are some of the breathtaking places, which the guests would find unavoidable. Swosti Chilika resort can make great arrangement for the stay and visit of the guests to these superb places of nature. Spending time in Chilika can make them feel that as though they are spending a blissful time in the lap of Mother Nature.

Let’s know about some of them as the best hotel in Chilika, Swosti Group has grand preparation for the arrival of its esteemed guests, who can bide time on a trip to this wonderful habitat.

Swosti Chilika Resort-being the promoter of eco-tourism- has the best apparatus in place not only to take them to the scenic places but to help the environment remain as it is forever.

Chilika Birds Sanctuary

The visitors to Chilika often find this surprising, when they discover that the brackish water lagoon of it has spread to three districts of Odisha, such as Puri, Khurda, and Ganjam. Reaching the face of Daya River, it has gone to Bay of Bengal. With a size of gigantic 1100 square Kilometers, it is the biggest water lagoon in the world. With the onset of winter, this water lagoon turns into a mind-blowing Birds’ Sanctuary, where hundreds of thousands of migratory birds arrive. The scene just warms up the cockles of hearts of the visitors, when they are taken to the spot and they view the rarest of the rare species in birds. During the peak season in a year, there are at least 160 species of birds, which fly from the farthest places to reach the fantastic water of Chilika.

Satapada Dolphin Sanctuary

This is another natural wonder inside, which is simply unavoidable.Satapada, meaning a cluster of seven villages, is situated at the southern part of the Chilika Lake. This is the unique place, which can give you the delight of watching Dolphins and our guests take immense pleasure doing kayaking, canoeing, and boating in the water. There is also a small lake in the proximity of the place, where you can view the abundance of nature and the place is called “Rajahamsa”. On the one side of this great strip of land, the visitors can see the Chilika Lake and on the other side of it, they can view the tides of Bay of Bengal.

Chilika Lake Islands

Chilika has six islands in its waters. We arrange the trip to all of them and our visitors are simply taken aback when they see the great greenery and natural sights in the islands. The islands are Parikud, Tampara, Nalbana, Nuapara, Kalijai Hills, and Badakuda. Nalbana has the best and most exciting birds’ sanctuary. Our guests can take immense pleasure by watching flora and fauna, acqua fauna, flora, avifauna, and endangered species of fishes and animals.

Rambha bay, located at the southern end of this lake has three magnificent islands, such as the Becon Island, the Breakfast Island, and Honeymoon Island. There is ancient “Kalijai” temple in this lake that add to the indescribable charm of Chilika.

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