Birds Sanctuary

Odisha has always remained a place of attraction for the tourists, visiting its natural and religious places every year. Chilika features as the most prominent amongst all the natural attractions in this pristine state. As the pioneer in hotels in Satapada, Swosti resort has got the best infrastructure and arrangements to make the visitors feel at home in this heaven on earth in India. This is the only-one natural spot in India, which has the presence of innumerable resident as well as migratory birds from the most distant parts of world. As a matter of fact, Chilika has long been featured as one of the best tourists’ spots in the world.

Birds Sanctuary

Chilika is the biggest water lagoon in India and it comes second in size in the world with its formidable shape, spanning across an area over 1100 km². Hidden in the water and away from usual public glare, this birds’ sanctuary is located across the 15 kilometers Land of Nalabana Island. Unusually scenic with the reed and greens, the view of resident and migratory birds can be a life-long experience. As the best hotel at Chilika Lake, Swosti Group has the best preparation to take its viewers in a dream ride to the Nalabana birds’ sanctuary and introduce them to the magical nature.

Come winter, visit the plethoric nature

The visitors discover innumerable endangered species of plants and birds in the unique sanctuary of birds. The uninterrupted chirping of innumerable types of birds amid the tranquility of nature and natural flora and fauna are indeed unforgettable discoveries by the visitors to the Nalabana Island. Winter springs great surprises with its presents as the migratory birds arrive from the distant lands. The nature blossoms with the touch of pleasant weather from winter and there comes the time, the vast expanse of Chilika becomes the bee-hive of fish, dolphins, birds, and animals. The visitors, flocking to Chiilika, share the joy with them in the blissful atmosphere of the natural lake. As Swosti has the best Chilika lake accommodation, it gives the best care to those visiting from India and abroad to view the wonderful splendor of nature.

Invaluable knowledge about nature

The birds’ sanctuary is spread over more than 15 kilometers. As a matter of fact, it is declared as the main place of Ramsar designated wetlands. The birds’ sanctuary located on the Nalabana Island is submerged in water during monsoon rainfalls only to bloom in winter and that is the time, Mother Nature invites the teeming presence of migratory birds from the most distant lands. As the pioneer in Chilika Lake islands, Swosti resort has all the infrastructure and arrangement to make the visit of the guests truly an unforgettable one.

“Nature is the queen and Birds are courtiers”

Come on and share a visit to Chilika during winter and the guests feel as though Mother Nature has called a unique assembly of birds in the exclusive atmosphere of the natural lake and she appears like queen and the innumerable species of birds and animals are courtiers, sharing an assembly. The lake has always remained the inspiration for poetic vision and is an invaluable natural treasure. Rare birds like Asiatic Dowitchers and greater Flamingos become real feasts for their eyes. The visitors to this great lake on earth have always shared with us as we are the best hotels at Chilika Lake Orissa.

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