Dolphin Sanctuary

Dolphins have ever been the fodder of imagination. As such creatures enact breathtaking exploits in water the visitors to the heavenly natural lake of Chillika watch them with bated breath. Over the years, the number of Dolphins has increased to 152 and this is the reason so many visitors throng to their sanctuary in the waters of Chilika. The visitors would be happy to know that there are 118 adults, 16 sub-adults, and 18 neonate dolphins and those are truly amazing in their powerful pranks. As the best among the hotels near Chilika, Swosti resort has made extensive preparation to take its guests on a wonderful trip to the Dolphin sanctuary and entertain them with great funs by such water animals. As a matter of fact, our guests can make last minute hotel booking in our resort at Chilika and we will welcome them with our great courtesy and matchless gesture.

Dolphin Sanctuary

Located at the distance of 50 kilometers from the famous township of Puri, Satapada is the village that has within its precincts the spectacular Dolphin sanctuary. As colloquially, ‘Sata’ means seven and “pada” means villages, this wonderful landscape, combining seven villages is distinguished for the Dolphin Sanctuary in its proximity. As the quintessential among the hotels near Chilika Lake, we are always prepared with our services to take our guests on the great trip to Satapada in the wee hours of the day and entertain them there with the Dolphins for long time. Our guests have always realized that our resort is the best place that they can book online.

Unique interaction with Mother Nature wee

Satapada, which comes at the mouth of the sea, is unusually scenic with its picturesque splendor. Not only the Dolphins charm the visitors, sunset and sunrise are spell-binding with their respective charms. Our visitors not only get the view of mesmerizing sunrise but as the best Chilika lake accommodation, Swosti resort takes them to the Dolphin point so that they can wait and take complete views of the jumping Dolphins. Swosti Resort has made full arrangement of boats to take the visitors on their dream trip to the Dolphin spot and let them have fullest enjoyments of the sight. Our visitors can make last minute hotel deals in Swosti resort of Chilika as we have the biggest infrastructure to serve our guests.

Dolphin Sanctuary -sharing a ride in natural beauty with migratory birds

Satapada, which has the presence of Dolphins, is also home to amazing migratory birds. Our visitors can get engaged in viewing the spectacular sights of migratory birds in the unusually scenic place of Dolphin sanctuary. To tell the truth, Dolphin sanctuary at Satapada is the one of the best places in Odisha, where the visiting families from India and abroad can bide wonderful time in togetherness. Our best hotel reservation services in Odisha always ensures best comforts during the stay of visitors and this is sole reason, we have been acclaimed as the best among Chilika hotels.

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