Incredible Chilika

As the train chugs alongside its deep waters, the breath-taking sight of its gigantic shape simply charms one and all. Children, staring from the windows of the trains, invariably ask the question about natural site and get the answer that the lake is Chilika. The waters expand up to 1100 square kilometers and to be in the brackish water of this natural harbor is indeed a rare occasion of pleasure and it takes at least three complete days to steer through the waters and enjoy the wonderful habitat. Chilika-the hottest and most favorite- among all the natural sights in the idyllic land of Odisha fascinates everyone with its unusual and mind-bewitching beauty.

Tourism at its best by the best hotels in Odisha

Hotels in Chilika are full of warmth and hospitality, which they accord to the innumerable visitors to this divine lake. Swosti Chilika lake villa and spa is an exception with its styles of giving warmth and hospitality to its guests, visiting Chilika. It has only- one -of -its -kind arrangement inside its villa and spa, which makes the visiting guests feel at home and in the long run, prove that it is the best in hotels near Chilika Lake. As the most reputed hotel at Chilika Lake, it ensures that no visitor return dissatisfied due to lack of facility inside its premises.

Chilika and what Swosti Villa and Spa offer on its platter of services?

Swosti group has created a unique ambience in its resort near Chilika. It has made grand arrangements to serve its guests with facilities like most sophisticated spa, water front villas, banquet and convention halls, exclusive entertainment facilities, infrastructure for water sports, gymnasium and health clubs, yoga and meditation retreats, and last but not the least facility for spending honeymoon for the visiting couples in 26 private islands. With all these facilities, Swosti group is simply going to add a golden leaf to the history of tourism in Odisha. Gradually, visitors have come to the agreement that Swosti’s resort near Chillika is the best Chilika lake hotel. Swosti Group invites you with open arms!

As hundreds of guests visit this wonderful retreat near the lake of Chilika, we invite our guests from inland and abroad to come and visit this great natural place in Odisha. Undoubtedly, this will serve as an unforgettable memory in anyone’s lifetime. What’s available besides a pleasant stay?

While you take the heavenly pleasure of a delightful stay at our place in Chilika, Swosti group can take you inside the celestial lake and make you familiar with its water, islands, temples, deities, natural splendor, and every bit of thing that can be breath-taking while sharing a journey with the nature. At the same time as our guests enjoy the abundant nature, couples can enjoy in the desirable privacy in the 26 exquisite islands secreted by nature. It appears as though Mother Nature has arranged everything that the newly-weds desire in their depths of their hearts for their celestial union.

Swosti group takes every care to receive the guests with courtesy from the railway station or airport and takes them to this heaven-on-earth to accord them with great courtesy a visit that can be a life-time memory.

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