Nalabana Island

The visitors to Orissa are simply taken off their feet as they step inside the natural wonder like Chilika. Indeed, the natural attractions inside it warm up the cockles of their hearts and specially, Nalabana Island, lurking inside the natural treasure of the lake springs a great surprise for one and all with its plethoric beauty. Swosti Group, as the premier hotels in Chilika in Orissa has made adequate provision to take its visitors on a trip to the heavenly landscape of this island that can be in every sense an unforgettable trip of their lives.

Nalabana- what it has in its natural treasure?

Nalabana is an exceptional natural place as it is home to hundreds of thousands of migratory and resident beautiful birds. The visitors might have the experience of watching birds in the Zoo inside the cages but viewing innumerable birds in a natural trove brings them the only-one- of -its -kind experience of their lives. The lovely sights of herons, flamingos, storks moving in the not-so-deep water charm the visitors, while the wonderfully colored birds resting on the twigs of the trees can hold the viewers in a thrall. The other birds like Brahminy ducks, geese, pintails, and teals are spell-binding with their great looks. Swoti Chilika Resort is great in every aspect in its every arrangement to take its visitors to this great Island. With a circumference of 8 kilometers width, it gives the visitors few hours of non-stop entertainment.

Nalabana- a home away home for the migratory birds

This Island has a great beach with undulating golden beach. Its blue water is replete with reeds and exquisite greens. As numerous migratory birds fly longest distances to reach this island, the mudflats in this area give them a pleasant stay as well as food. The migratory birds offer great views as they are hardly available in other parts of the nation. Only this unique landscape draws them like magnet and every winter, there is a sizeable crowd of such migratory birds. As the best in Chilika lake hotels, Swosti Group has every arrangement to take its guests to the paradise of Nalabana Island and introduce them to the exquisite beauty of the wonderland.

Nalabana- union of nature and wildlife

Unbelievably, the visitors to Nalabana get the view of 155 species of birds and out of which, 101 species come flying from very distant lands. It is almost a world of great pleasure, where nature and wildlife have a rare union. As the pioneer in Chilika lake accommodation, Swosti Group can take the visitors to this great island and share a life-long experience with ├ęclat. Our experts in tourism with years of hands-on experience in guiding visitors can prove that our resort is the best in Chilika lake accommodation.

Come and share an exquisite experience with nature

In the distance from Puri to Chilika Lake, Nalabana is an exceptional place for the visitors. As the most sophisticated resort in Chilika, we are there to serve our visitors in every respect.

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